Montfort – Global Helpline

Questions & Answers

Our reputation is upheld and enhanced by how we put into practice our core values of integrity and respect. These core values underpin the Montfort Group Code of Conduct. Our Global Helpline allows employees, contractors and stakeholders to raise concerns and report instances of potential non-compliance with our Code of Conduct.

What is the Global Helpline?

The Global Helpline enables Montfort employees and third parties to raise concerns or dilemmas, or to seek advice on a matter related to our compliance with applicable laws and our Code of Conduct, in full confidence and without fear of retaliation.

Who can use the Global Helpline?

The Global Helpline is for all employees and contract staff in Montfort and for third parties with whom Montfort has a business relationship if they observe or suspect wrongdoing by a Montfort company, employee or contractor.

How can I raise a query or concern via the Global Helpline?

The Global Helpline is available online. Reports through the Helpline are received directly by the Montfort Chief Compliance Officer. You can submit your concern, dilemma or request for advice by sending your query or concern to this email:

What will happen when I contact the Global Helpline?

You can communicate anonymously without your name being recorded, or you can provide your name and contact details (providing your name and contact details will help in any assessments that may be conducted). All communications will be handled confidentially and sensitively. Please provide as much information as possible about your concern but please keep it relevant. Your submission will be automatically acknowledged by Montfort.

What happens to a report when received by Montfort?

Your report will be passed to the Chief Compliance Officer who will assess the report and decide upon the appropriate action. Any such assessment will be a detailed, objective and factual analysis of the matter. In the event that any allegation is found to be true, the company will decide on the appropriate action or actions to be taken. Please note that we will take all submissions seriously and, if you provide your name, you may or may not be contacted as part of the actions taken. Please do not interpret our failure to contact you in any way. Also, Montfort reserves the right to not communicate with you the results of any assessment or action(s) taken.